Crave or Save: D’Orsay Pumps


Now that we’ve been in the UK for a couple months my shopping lists are starting to switch from dollars to pounds. Since pounds are worth considerably more, I will definitely be going with the save version Banana Republic pumps… now I just need to find an excuse to run into London so I can pick them up. What would you choose?

5 Instagram Accounts to Follow Now // Interior Design


Last Monday we looked at some amazing instagram accounts from lifestyle bloggers, and to continue to the series here are some of my fav picks for interior design! I hope these accounts help to inspire your home decor.

1. Apartment Therapy (@apartmenttherapy)
Confession- When I am driving or walking around at night and I see a house with lights on, I totally look in. Following Apartment Therapy on instragram is amazing because its the same idea, but far less creepy!
2. Design Sponge (@designsponge)
In my mind Design Sponge can do know wrong. Their instragram account really captures the aesthetic of the blog, sharing all things beautiful. (including puppies)
3. Design Love Fest (@designlovefest)
Design Love Fest absolutely brightens up my instragram feed. Bree has an eye for all things amazing so to look through that lens on instragram is completely inspiring.
4. West Elm (@westelm)
Showcases the best of their collection, and often has giveaways! Wahoo!
5. Sarah Richardson (sarahrichardsondesign)
I can’t believe I have never mentioned Sarah Richardson on this blog before. She is an amazing Canadian designer made famous by HGTV Canada shows such as Sarah’s House and Sarah’s Cottage and shares her amazing behind the scenes photos on instagram. Also she is doing a collaboration with Target (yay!!!)

Oh- and me? You can follow me @aleyestok! Do you have an instagram account? Let me know in the comments and I’d love to check it out

Cozy Casuals

Happy Friday! I have another week to go before I start my new job and so I have been really nesting this week, making our flat feel like home and cooking up some great recipes to keep in the freezer for quick week night dinners. With the weather starting to drop down I am feeling the need to be cozy and cuddled with a cup of tea. Here are my picks for a lazy Saturday.


1. Simple stud earrings
2. Dainty Girl x Eluxe Sweater, perfect for dozing off
3. The most comfortable tights
4. A beautiful mug to be filled with your favourite tea
5. Comfy socks to stay warm

And you, what’s your go-to cozy outfit? I’d love to know!