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5 iPhone Tips I Wish I Would Have Known Sooner

JT and I love our apple products, he is such a wiz on most technology gadgets whereas I am admittedly… slower to pick up on things. I have had an iPhone for two years and I am still learning new things. I hope that I am not the only one that didn’t know these tips and tricks and that you find them useful.

1. Quick Charge:
If you need to charge your phone but do not have a lot of time, putting it in airplane mode while in the charger will make it charge a lot quicker.
2. Stop Music with Timer:
This one is perfect for anyone who likes to sleep with music on. (JT) To do this go to your clock and select timer. Then select when timer ends, scroll and tap, stop playing and set your timer for however as long as you would like.
3. Quick Scroll:
When in your emails, and text messages, if you are want to scroll all the way up, just double tap the top of the phone where the clock is and boom- up you go. This one is great when recalling text message conversations.
4. Beautiful Pictures:
I recently learned this tip from another blog called A Beautiful Mess. It’s so simple, I can’t believe I never thought to wipe off my camera lens before taking a picture. It really does make a huge difference.
5. Quick Texts:
This might possible be my favourite of the bunch. Type “Omw” in the text message field and the phone will autocorrect to “On my way!”. Fun fact I just learned- same goes for a Macbook!

Well I hope these help, and what about you? Do you have any tricks you can share?

Easy Nautical DIY


Last weekend we held a nautical themed dinner party which was so much fun. In addition to our stripes and anchors dress code I made a fun DIY to hold tea lights. They were really easy and within three steps I was done. What’s even better? This DIY could be adjusted to any theme at all and is so easy that anyone age 4-104 can make it happen. So here we go:

small plastic pots
spray paint
craft paint
paint brushes

1. Spray paint all of your plastic pots to the colour of your choice and let them dry. I did one thick coat of paints.
2. Find a design that suits you (and that fits your level of painting skill), or apply painters tape to create a pattern.
3. Pop in your tea light- and light em up!

Total cost: $8.50 (including the spray paint which I will certainly use again)

I hope this super easy craft acts as inspiration to create your own custom candle holders!

We’re Moving!

I have a huge announcement to share with you all, ┬áJT and I are moving… TO ENGLAND!

It’s been a really hard decision as it means leaving our jobs and our families for the next 12 months, but it is an opportunity we just can’t pass up. I am kind of still in shock that this is actually happening!

I hope you will continue to follow us along on our journey abroad. We will be living about 45 minutes north of London, so you can expect lots of fashion, food & beverage, and of course travel posts to come.



JT and I at Windsor Castle September 2013