Easy Nautical DIY


Last weekend we held a nautical themed dinner party which was so much fun. In addition to our stripes and anchors dress code I made a fun DIY to hold tea lights. They were really easy and within three steps I was done. What’s even better? This DIY could be adjusted to any theme at all and is so easy that anyone age 4-104 can make it happen. So here we go:

small plastic pots
spray paint
craft paint
paint brushes

1. Spray paint all of your plastic pots to the colour of your choice and let them dry. I did one thick coat of paints.
2. Find a design that suits you (and that fits your level of painting skill), or apply painters tape to create a pattern.
3. Pop in your tea light- and light em up!

Total cost: $8.50 (including the spray paint which I will certainly use again)

I hope this super easy craft acts as inspiration to create your own custom candle holders!

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