Snapshots of Brussels 2014 // The Food

For those of you who don’t know or are new to the blog- we have left Canada for the UK and are currently on a vacation in Europe. I have shared a snapshot of some of the best place in Brussels, and here is part two all about food.

In Brussels menus are bilingual- French and flemish. It seems that in most places the primary language was French. Luckily JT went to a french high school and I minored in French in University so we were able to do alright with communication- although it took a few days. Essentially if you listen to the servers speak in french and can order of the menu they will speak to you in a mix of both English and French. In the more touristy areas they all speak English.

Our best meals in Brussels were traditional French, Flemish and Italian. There were also many Greek places- but they seemed to be very touristy so we avoided them.
Here are three restaurants we loved!

1. Et Qui Va Remener La Chein
It is located on Rue de Rollebeek the area all of our favourite restaurants are located since it was recommended by our wonderful host and didn’t disappoint. This restaurant is fairly traditional french and seemed to be packed with locals. I would suggest the filet mignon as it is reasonably priced and absolutely delicious.

2. For Italian food, we fell in love with Bocco D’ora. Unfortunately they do not have a website but the service was amazing and JT and I both got “the special”. It is the most amazing veal parmesan, but they do call it something untranslatable. Just ask for it as it is not on the menu (we saw the locals eating it). The sauce is the most amazing and totally makes the dish. I am hungry just thinking about this dish.

3. The third must try place for lunch (or even breakfast) is Le Pistolet. We were told by our host that is is very authentic Belgium food and we loved it. The staff were lovely and very accommodating and proud of their food, and the local Belgian beer they served. We will definitely head back if we can!

So there you have it- three amazing restaurants to keep away your “hanger” in Brussels!
I’m curious, have you been to Brussels? Any recommendations for our next trip?

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