Snapshots of Nice // The Sights

Before I even start this post I must apologize for the silence in blogland. We have settled in Cambridge, but were without internet for over two weeks! While looking for jobs, and trying to connect with family and friends back home all from Starbucks I fell really behind. That being said, we had an absolutely amazing time in Nice and the surrounding area that I am really excited to share. If your planning a trip soon, here is what I recommend you check out:


1. Promenade Anglais
Try to avoid it in Nice! It is the main strip that connects you to the beach and Old Nice. We rented bikes (free for less than 30 min) and rode up and down the strip taking in the beautiful views. I’d recommend trying it at night as things are lit up beautifully and there are less people in the bike lanes.



2. Gourdon
Gourdon is a small town and incredibly beautiful. The views of the pre-alpes are incredible and you really feel like you are in a completely different world compared to Nice.


3. Grasse
Grasse is the perfume capital of the world, and being tourists we of course did a tour and learned about the making of perfume. We weren’t exactly looking forward to it, but we actually had a lot of fun. It’s incredible the amount of time and effort that goes into creating scent, and the number of flowers that are needed to make one bottle of perfume.



4. St. Paul de Vence
I don’t want to play favourites, but St. Paul was definitely a highlight of the trip. It is such a special place, and one I hadn’t heard much about before visiting.


5. Cannes
Cannes is of course the town known for the legendary film festival, and has very beautiful sand beaches (a contrast to the rock beaches of Nice). Cannes is filled with impressive yachts, and all the designer stores you could ever want.


6. Old Nice
Old Nice is very lively at night and where tourists and locals alike go for dinner. More on the amazing restaurants that we found in my next post!

Nice was really the point of our trip where we had the opportunity to fully chill out. We rented an apartment on airbnb with a huge terrace which was filled with sun for most of the day. We also had a kitchen, and we able to slow down a bit and make some meals at home. It was a great part of our trip and I would love to go back and check out more of the surrounding cities. 

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