TGIF Cocktails // Dark & Stormy


Happy Friday! This week’s cocktail recipe comes from a good friend of mine. When she suggested we try these out for our nautical themed party last weekend the name alone was all I needed to say yes. Typically the cocktails I make are sweet and fruity so the Dark & Stormy is a great change of pace. It has a lot of spice but is woken up with the right amount of lime. So here is the (very easy) recipe:

1 oz Kracken Black Spiced Rum
1 lime
Jamaican Style Ginger Beer

Pour your rum over ice cubes in a tall glass. Slice your lime and squeeze in 3/4 of a lime of juice, saving the additional quarter for garnish. Pour you ginger beer to fill the glass, stir and enjoy!

This weekend we are going to head to a Jays game with some old friends, and then head to dinner with other Canadians heading to Cambridge next year who will hopefully become our news friends. Then we just have some family time on Sunday which should be fun as well. Hope you all enjoy the sunshine.

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